Our Vision

Ch’iang Wei is a source of enrichment, strength, and capacity for Africa and our international partners.

Our Mission

Ch’iang Wei acquires, stores, transports and transforms energy into products and services that inspire pride and contribute to sustainable development. Ch’iang Wei has a focus on oil and logistics. Ch’iang Wei promotes harmony and balance through projects critical to Africa’s economic resurgence in the global market.

Business Opportunity

Ch’iang Wei has it’s foothold firmly in Africa. We believe in the rapid economic growth potential on the continent. Africa provides business opportunities in all sectors, our current focus is placed in East Africa, the Great Lakes Region, and the Horn of Africa where rapid growth is taking place.


Ch’iang Wei provides Access, Influence, Knowledge, and Management Capacity. With these ingredients, we target opportunities in the oil and logistics sectors in East Africa, the Great Lakes Region, and the Horn of Africa. We build winning partnerships around these opportunities, combining local, regional and international talent. We then transform the idea into a sound venture by assembling all the elements of success.
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Ch’iang Wei’s management team blends extensive global exposure in business and goverment with deep roots in Africa.


Bulk transportation of products


Crude oil, Petroleum products

Corporate Social Responsibility


CW invests a portion ofits profits into a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that empowers communities in areas where CW operates. CW's CSR program is an expression of Ch'iang, the principle  of harmony through Energy, helping to bring a fuller meaning to the CW vision and mission.

Current Activities

• Investing in peace activities among communities at a local and national level.
• Helping disadvantaged communities access economic opportunities.
• Transforming the lives of young people through sports and outdoor activities.

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Our Core Values

Ch'iang Wei means Harmony through Energy.

Our Core Values are:

• Professionalism
• Performance
• Passion
• Pride
• Accountability
• Integrity
• Service

Contact Us

Pioneer Kimathi,
6th Floor Suite 3,
Kimathi Street,
Nairobi, Kenya 00100